27 September 2017



Solar LED street lights are fast growing in popularity all over the world. Not only solar energy lights are inexpensive mediums of lighting up the roads, but they are also sustainable and environmentally-friendly. They include different features, such as automatic functioning, rechargeable battery and some even have the latest wireless technology and smart remote control systems. That’s why you should consider using solar street lights to your advantage and do your part to conserve energy and decrease your monthly electricity bills. If you are wondering how to do it , then check out this article. Solar street lights have many applications today because of their various beneficial characteristics which are described in this blog post.



Government Units and Municipalities



While aiding in conserving the environment, solar street lights can help government organizations save money and use outdoor lighting for other significant public services. In fact, forecast is that by 2026, the world will have 359 million street lights, while at present the number is only 315 million. Having in mind that smart solar street lights have increased reliability and are able to work 365 days a year, the future solar street lighting industry will definitely grow to a great extent, reaching nearly $70 billion.



Such market shifts increase the need for solar street light installations everywhere, including government entities, embassies and municipalities. The ever-rising utility costs urges governments to concentrate on energy efficiency. In addition, the growing trend to use renewable energy as well as incentives that go with it, makes solar energy lights a favorable investment in the long run. To learn more how cities and municipalities can benefit from smart solar street lights, click here.



In fact, solar street lighting is the best and cheapest option in locations where AC power is too costly or tricky to install. Moreover, with different types of solar powered street light fixtures available, everything from a single sign to multiple lights on a municipality street can be covered. This also includes lanes, public areas, pathways, security lighting, perimeter lighting, roadways and streets within government units.






Corporations around the world contribute toward the society, particularly big businesses. If you want to know how your business can do its own part for the community, check out this article. One of these contributions includes applying green energy technologies and practices.



Business units can reduce their carbon footprint by switching to clean energy. This can be done by installing solar LED street lights and getting rid of grid-tied lighting. Companies can install new solar energy lights at their premises or retrofit the existing light fixtures with solar LED lighting. Plus, your business can benefit from the state and federal incentives, which will further diminish your business expenditures on renewable energy projects. Take a closer look at this company and the benefits from its solar street light application.



Solar energy lights are a great way to light up the streets in order to provide pedestrians with additional security. Did you know that Serbia already got its very first smart solar street light? Check out this piece to find out more on smart solar lighting in the City of Belgrade.



By installing solar outdoor lights, not only the streets can be illuminated, but also this can be done without extra trenching and utility costs. With their self-contained lighting system, solar powered street lights are an ideal solution for all types of solar lighting applications, including residential areas, retirement villages, rural streets, driveways, housing estates, avenues, major urban streets, bike lanes and pedestrian pathways.


Roads and Highways

Night time visibility can be enhanced on highways, roadways, rural roads and main roads through the installation of high quality solar powered lighting systems. Solar energy lights provide additional security for travelers, they are easy to install and are priced affordably. One country has already experienced the benefits of installing solar street lights on its highways. To find out which country it is, click here.



Just as it is important for pedestrians to be safe, similarly, bikers and vehicle travelers should be secured both at night and during early mornings. Solar pathway lights come in handy for such solar street light application, while showcasing the trail and the periphery. This green initiative also works great for areas where it is difficult to bring power, such as rural roads and highways, without trenching the landscape.


Parks and Recreational Areas

Parks and recreational areas are mainly donned by children, which makes the installation of solar street lights even more advantageous. Since everyone wants their kids to be safe and secure, it is best to have smart solar LED lights instead of traditional street lights illuminating these areas. No matter how big the park or recreational area is, solar energy lights can cover it without tearing up the existing light installation structures.



With uniform lighting and no extra light pollution, solar lights provide just the right amount of luminosity to the park so that kids can have fun way after sunset. This also includes parks that have no or limited AC power including walkways, entrance signs, playground areas, parking lots, barbecue areas, skate parks, public toilets, open spaces, camping grounds, tourist parks, pedestrian walkways, outdoor exercise gyms, business parks and dog parks.


Schools and Universities

Schools, colleges and universities around the world are now going solar. With a lot of accessible areas where these institutions can install solar street lights, ranging from bus shelters and signs to parking lots, students can often learn firsthand about the various advantages of solar powered lighting systems. Creating green behavior is one of the primary outcomes of such projects.


Solar outdoor lights can help illuminate walkways, parking lots, signs and sitting areas within as well as in the surrounding areas of malls. Plus, mall owners can trim down their expenses by installing solar street lights to decrease energy and maintenance costs. Not only outside, solar lights can also be installed inside the malls by mounting solar panels on the roof of the edifice. The Philippines already has one such mall, which is tapping the clean energy to generate electricity.



This is just a tip of the iceberg. If you want to find out more about solar street lights and how smart technology ensures 365 days of light operations and reliability, then click on the box below.