You are the decision maker


We have to become aware that we are the last generation that has a chance to react before climate change evolves into an irreversible phenomenon. Our children will not have the opportunity to solve climate change and pollution problems. As a result, we need to transform from a fossil fuel dominated society into a one where renewable energy is the leading source of power. No more talking and researching, we need to act now!


  • Clean energy

    Renewable energy utilization is currently 2% of world energy consumption.

  • Zero CO2 Emission

    Current C02 emissions are at the highest historical level, increasing global temperatures to maximum registered levels ever.

  • Savings for Customers

    Electricity cost is rising each year and projections estimate that it will go up by 10 %, while installations of traditional grid systems require higher investments and maintenance costs.

  • Intelligent technology

    Lack of validation for renewable energy implementation in terms of cost savings to justify up-front investments for financing large scale projects. Inefficient renewable energy systems’ lifecycle and unreliable performance caused by lack of optimization tools.

Clean Energy

Cities generate 75 percent of global energy consumption and 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of sun that hits the Earth’s surface in just one hour is enough to cover the world energy consumption for entire year. By covering a land area about the size of Spain with solar panels, the energy generated would be enough to power the whole world. Our LIGHTINUS smart solar street lights are designed to take this into account. LIGHTINUS facilitates green behavior by combining the power of clean energy with the advantages of communications and smart technology to deliver high-performance off-the-grid LED lighting with 365 days of autonomy.

Zero CO2 Emissions

lf global traditional street lights were converted to solar street lights, this would reduce global electricity consumption for lighting by more than 52% avoiding 735 million tonnes of CO2 each year. Street lights account for 19% of the global electricity consumption, costing Europe €10 billion per year. Smart solar LED street lights provide better luminosity than standard electrical lights. LIGHTINUS smart street lights harvest solar and kinetic energy during the day which is stored in a dedicated battery system. The accumulated clean energy provides power for LED lighting during the night. LIGHTINUS smart solar street light does not produce harmful CO2 while the system replenishes the renewable energy used at night every day.

Savings for Customers

Public lighting represents 60% of European Municipalities total electricity costs. Traditional street lights seem affordable for initial purchase, however if you calculate all the costs over time, they turn out to be more expensive than solar LED lights. A typical high pressure sodium street light costs less for the pole fixture and mounting bracket. However, installation costs for setting the pole and running the electrical wires increase the price dramatically and that doesn’t even include the first month's electrical bill. To solve these cost issues, LIGHTINUS smart solar street lights provide free green energy, lower installation costs and significant 80% reduction of maintenance costs through proactive remote monitoring and control of each unit in real-time. Our modular design improves logistics and installation and reduces transportation costs.

Intelligent Technology

33% of all European street lights still use standards developed in the 1930s, generating enormous energy waste. Intelligent technology increases performance efficiency through light dimming functions and motion sensors, enables remote monitoring and control of each street light that optimizes battery life cycle and resolves over 70% of maintenance issues remotely. These smart functionalities lead to reduction in maintenance costs and optimization of energy consumption. People prefer to see savings at the end of each month from using renewable energy systems. To address this need, our software and reporting services provide monthly reports for our customers motivating them to reinvest and keep using clean energy technologies to power reliable off-the-grid systems.


It is up to all of us how we produce energy to generate our power and how we treat our planet. Our goal is to motivate people to visualize and experience a cost effective future that will justify their investment in LIGHTINUS. By combining solar and kinetic energy and intelligent technology, we are transforming street lights into a high performance smart LED platform that reduces energy bills to zero, decreases maintenance and installation costs, improves public services and cities decision making processes.