17 April 2018



Have you ever walked around the city and noticed that your smart phone is running low on battery? Or your 4G mobile internet access went over the limit and you can’t go online? Let’s be honest, low battery or lack of internet access press everyone’s buttons and may be quite irritating. Especially, when you are in a rush to make important calls, obtain online information or you just want to sit down, relax and watch a YouTube video in the park. Your need for information at those particular moments is not satisfied because of depleted energy power and lack of internet access.



Whether we like it or not, we are living in the age of smart technology. Wireless technology, limitless access to online information, data collection and dissemination applications enable us to create communication networks that were hardly possible several years ago. Smart Cities are part of this technological shift in the fields of energy management, transportation, waste management and Internet of Things (IoT) for improving public services. To address the variety of services that we need in our daily urban lives, cities and municipalities are increasingly implementing smart solar urban furniture solutions.

This blog explains how a single urban furniture application (bench) can be transformed into a multi-functional platform, powered by clean energy sources, that delivers eco-friendly infrastructure of free services for citizens – Smart Solar Bench.


What is a Smart Solar Bench?

Regular benches that you see in your neighborhood are dull and static, offering nothing else but a place to sit down and wonder. No city ever has enough seating, right? Installing innovative Smart Solar Benches that offer free charging services for your phone or tablet, access to a Wi-Fi network and LED light during the night will definitely improve visitor’s frequency and satisfaction.



The application potential of Smart Solar Benches is huge. Supporting the concept of Smart City, they can integrate a cloud platform combined with various hardware solutions to gather data from the environment. Do you need public information? Each Smart Solar Bench has information boards that can provide valuable direction to pedestrians. Do you feel bored and would like to see a short animation? This is also a possibility since a Smart Solar Bench can have a built in 3D hologram function that can be fun and very interesting to watch. Cool, right?

Simply put, comfort, design and technology meet sustainability. On top of that, all of these features are powered completely by solar energy (this energy is stored in solar batteries and is available to you 24/7). Sitting is just not enough. Whether working, studying or relaxing, are you ready to connect to the future?

Let’s examine each functional component of the Smart Solar Bench innovation and see what it can do for us.


Solar Energy for Green Environment

A solar powered smart bench is built on sustainability with very low environmental impact since it uses unlimited renewable energy sources that are economical, safe and good for the environment. The solar lighting system replenishes energy from the sun every day and does not produce harmful CO2 emissions.



You may wonder just how much is the opportunity cost of not utilizing more renewable energy sources to cover our energy consumption. For example, the amount of sun that hits the Earth’s surface in just one hour is enough to cover the global energy consumption for the entire year.

With solar panels of 100-140 watts integrated in its design, the smart solar bench is completely off-grid and uses clean energy to provide free services to pedestrians. The solar powered batteries in the solar bench system can accumulate enough energy to charge other e-applications like wheelchairs or electrical bikes for an even more satisfied community.

Each kWh generated by clean energy sources is important, right? Let’s use it efficiently.


Free Charging Services for Smart Devices


Each Smart Solar Bench has several built-in USB ports for charging all types of smart devices (phones, tablets, watches etc.). You can also benefit from the wireless charging technology which is integrated in the system. Just place your phone on the marked spot and wait for several minutes until it is charged.



Free Internet Access: Smart Wi-Fi Marketing to Satisfy Consumer Needs

A Smart Solar Bench is basically a Wi-Fi zone. It includes a wireless router (2.4 Ghz wireless device) that will provide you with a free internet access within 15 meters around the bench.



In addition, innovative Wi-Fi digital marketing platforms can be easily integrated in the Smart Solar Bench design in order to enhance the user experience and offer valuable insight for private and public operators on consumers’ needs and preferences. When it comes to gathering information from people accessing the internet, giving its clients access to information regarding the network’s users as well as multiple analytical tools that allow for conducting marketing activities. Smart WiFi provides an innovative online platform that allows you to create behavioral profiles of mobile device users/pedestrians based on several marketing indicators and online actions. Such system enables you to accurately reach your target audience by using marketing tools, emailing and individual forms of communication.



Having a city-wide internet infrastructure will increase online access coverage and supply valuable information via smart devices. Big Data is transformed into usable statistics to manage traffic, queries, complaints, service provision, emergency assistance and more. Such data gathering and analysis will enable effective urban planning and sustainable future for the city.


LED Ambient Lighting

What about sitting during the night? 10 watt LED panels will provide ambient illumination with high light efficacy, wide beam angle and long life span. You can sit comfortably and relax, regardless of electrical grid outages.



Increased Public Safety

It may not be a constant need among the community, but Smart Solar Benches can become valuable sources of power in the event of natural catastrophes and disaster emergencies. As they’re not reliant on the traditional grid, even in dire situations, they can provide various emergency services such as SOS button for help, LED light and internet access. These off-grid alternate communication channels can be crucial in these situations.



To increase the safety of pedestrians and mitigate against property violation and theft, a CCTV camera can be installed on the Smart Solar Bench with real-time monitoring data viewed via special software.

Innovative and Practical Design

Design is very important for urban outdoor furniture applications. Having both aesthetics and efficiency is attractive visually and makes sense in terms of practical usage.



A Smart Solar Bench with curved design, stainless steel for longevity and special wood cover for seating is appealing, but what if it rains? Having cover over your head is also crucial when you need to use the charging services or internet access during bad weather.


Multi-functional Hub for Smart Cities

The concept of Smart City is already being implemented in urban environments that focus on improving the quality of life of their citizens.



The functionalities of a Smart Solar Bench address issues that will soon become crucial from the perspective of city operators, municipal managers and developers. Such system includes a dedicated cloud platform for collecting data gathered through environmental air quality sensors (smog, temperature, humidity, density etc.), automated sources of information, traffic density detectors in particular areas, providing data which can be used for setting up city climate protection programs by identifying  negatively affected zones, bus and flight schedules as well as storm alert system. The potential for incorporating hardware devices that will gather and read data is huge, contributing to cities’ urban planning and public services decision-making processes.



You do not know how to arrive at your desired destination? Smart Solar Benches can offer you an easy guide to your address. They can provide visually appealing public information on transportation and directions for crucial city-wide locations to pedestrians. Each bench is equipped with board panels that can serve as educational-informative and promotional space.

Smart Solar Bench Applications



The Smart Solar Bench and its unique services is perfectly suitable for:

  • • Cities and Municipalities
  • • Parks
  • • Shopping Malls
  • • Airports
  • • Squares and Public Office Compounds
  • • Large Corporations and Private Companies (for instance telecommunications)
  • • Real-Estate Developers
  • • Solar Energy Projects
  • • Smart City Projects
  • • Public-Private Social Entrepreneurship Projects
  • • Universities and Campuses





Are you ready to add a Smart Solar Bench to your urban environment?

Wouldn’t be great to let people experience this multi-functional platform powered by solar energy? The Smart Solar Bench is perfect for upgrade and improvement of your urban area and infrastructure of public services. By combining clean energy, smart technology and functional design the Smart Solar Bench can really make a difference in building sustainable communities.



If you are eager to learn more about Smart Solar Bench, schedule a meeting with us!