Reliable on demand lighting when you truly need it

Cut costs, increase ROI


    Our software helps you reduce street lights maintenance cost up to 80%. Our dedicated smartphone application validates the success of each LIGHTINUS installation in less than 2 minutes.


    Proactive online monitoring and regular maintenance of battery cycle increases its durability and lifetime by more than 40 %.


    Always be aware of the current status of your off-the-grid system by analyzing real-time data and receiving pre-set notifications and alerts for system faults via e-mail or sms.


    Set your lighting schedule based on your performance requirements and conditions in real-time.


    State-of-the-art feature enabling maximum system autonomy during low energy periods through a built-in algorithm for weather patterns and forecasts.


    Proactive reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Keep track of your ROI, revenue from renewable energy generation and electricity cost savings at all times.


    If you are a distributor or system integrator, our business model allows for OEM services and revenue generation from software licensing and remote monitoring services.


    Our smart motion sensor and light dimming functionality create maximum energy savings and complete system autonomy. Use the intensity and brightness of our LED lights efficiently and only when you need it.

Lightinus RMSRemote Management System

People need validation of the benefits from using renewable energy systems. Our remote management software offers proactive monitoring of light performance in real-time, significant cost reductions associated with expensive maintenance issues and provision of daily reports related to the operating status of the system. Our RMS is a powerful mechanism for optimizing lighting intensity, brightness and performance to significantly increase energy efficiency. By setting your own lighting schedules with dimming functionalities based on integrated motion sensors, you will have the power to create light on demand tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Together with our reporting services you will benefit from longer battery life cycle and 365 days of LED light, regardless of weather conditions.

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Lightinus RMS Packages

Our business model creates recurring monthly revenue opportunities for our distributors as well as significant cost savings and ROI for our clients. LIGHTINUS RMS and our professional support networks can provide you with the following value-added packages:


    Licensing and Communication

    Our basic package includes provision of software license for RMS, training for software usage and prebuilt communication hardware (data plans for each country included).

    Just sign in with your dedicated account and start using the RMS instantly.

  • LIGHTINUS Advanced

    Licensing and Communication + Monitoring

    Our advanced package includes LIGHTINUS Basic features plus direct online monitoring services via RMS provided by our team. Never worry about the performance of your street lights, using our RMS we can perform this everyday activity in real-time for you.

    Services: 24/7 monitoring, detailed daily/weekly/monthly reports, real-time analytics and notifications about system performance and full technical support through a dedicated account manager.

  • LIGHTINUS Premium

    Licensing and Communication + Monitoring + On-Site Maintenance

    Completely outsource your lighting management department at affordable price to achieve immediate and long-term cost savings of your LIGHTINUS street light network.

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Cost Reduction

Our RMS eliminates 80% of the ongoing maintenance costs via proactive online monitoring before maintenance becomes a big problem. Real-time monitoring together with customizable email or text messaging in case of failures reduces reaction time and improves monitoring flexibility. If the lights cannot be repaired via RMS and physical inspection is needed, the fact that you know the type of failure and the exact malfunctioned unit in real-time, reduces your resource, time and repairment costs dramatically.

Weather PredictabilityRevolutionary System Autonomy

Integration of different weather forecasting services into our RMS provides possibility to optimize current energy consumption in advance to account for bad weather events. Predicting low energy periods increases your off-the-grid system autonomy by 50%. Smart algorithms will capture weather repetition patterns over distinct periods of time, which will enable you to increase even more your system’s autonomy and make additional savings through optimizing your light performance.

Motion Sensor

Motion detection allows for a unique possibility to set lighting schedules based on your specific preferences at different times during the night, including motion detection for pedestrians or vehicles. The following features will dramatically increase the efficiency and energy savings of your lights:

  • 270 degrees coverage with options to change sensitivity levels for different triggering objects (pets, people, cars).
  • Delivering predefined lighting luminosity and level of brightness in real-time with dimming functions based on different triggering objects  (pets, people, cars).
  • Customizable lighting profiles enable clients to remotely issue a command for how long the lights will perform after the triggering object.

This is the ultimate functionality that will increase your lighting system autonomy during 365 days, regardless of your geographical location.

Battery Optimization

The battery of each off-the-grid system is the most critical part with the biggest probability of failure over longer periods of time. Our RMS charging profiles and life cycle management will increase battery longevity by 40%. Delivering the right amount of charging power into the battery reduces maintenance and replenishment costs. Installation of ENGOSMART temperature sensors on each battery in the system will provide instructions as to which charging profiles should be used in a given period of time.