Image Gallery: Lightinus Smart Solar Street Lights & ProCredit Bank, Belgrade

26 August 2017
Lightinus Smart Solar Street Lights

We designed and installed 3 Smart Solar On-Grid Street Lights for ProCredit Bank, a very successful international company in the financial industry. They decided to completely replace their old traditional outdoor lights with modern, functional and smart street lights powered by solar energy. Our state-of-the-art solar street lights solved the company’s problem. With poles covered in red color matching their logo and fully controlled in real-time by our remote management software, the Lightinus smart solar street lights are now attractive gatekeepers for ProCredit Bank. The lighting system works on solar energy, but it also has a back up grid power that will switch on in case of energy depletion in the solar battery system. With the new Lightinus solar lights ProCredit Bank can now enjoy LED illumination throughout the year and unique visual appeal for their clients entering the building.

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