13 November 2017

How efficient is your street lighting performance? Efficiency isn’t only about how well lit your streets are. What is this activity costing you? This is an infrastructure you’re so used to, you may not even consider possible improvements. If your lighting system works, why change it?


Technology enables you to save money by transforming your lighting system into a state-of-the-art multi-functional lighting platform. The options are limitless. Even city-wide infrastructures can be revolutionized and in the long run you’ll have more funds available to spend elsewhere.

Ready to use this opportunity? Here’s how you do it.


Use Energy Efficient LED Lights

Why is LED (Light Emitting Diode) the popular word on everyone’s lips? These industry shifts lead to increase in retrofitting of traditional old style street lights with LED fixtures (see page 5 of this report on savings calculations).

Simply by switching traditional street lighting (Metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps) to LED you’ll save money:

  • • These globes are longer lasting. You won’t have to exchange them as often as your current globes.
  • • The lights don’t break as easily. You use less units every year. Part of this is due to them not reaching the high temperatures other globes do. This prevents combustion.
  • • These lights don’t draw as much electricity as other globes so you can save on your utility bill. Simply stated, LED lights provide better illumination with less energy used.



Yes, a new outdoor LED lighting system always requires initial capital investment. But with three areas of guaranteed savings, you’ll have a return on investment no matter the size of your LED lighting system.

There’s one more way you can improve your outdoor lighting infrastructure.


Solar LED Street Lighting 

All you need to do to increase the returns of your investment is to include outdoor solar LED lights when renovating your street lighting system. The concept of smart solar street light systems is crucial. Here is why?


Clean Power through Solar Panels

You’re probably aware how solar panels are revolutionizing the energy industry. If not, check this article to find out more how solar panels function. With solar LED street lights it’s not necessary to find space for large solar panels to generate power. The top of the pole of your street light is the space you need to install a solar panel with the right configuration to provide enough energy for your lighting system.



The solar street light cost includes the entire unit without using regular electricity infrastructures. The solar panel powers a battery which stores the accumulated energy during the day, so that the solar system can use it to provide LED illumination when the sun goes down. Even during bad weather your solar LED lights will go on working without any additional expenses and disruptions – see below how remote management technology can make solar street lights operate regardless of weather conditions.

And if you’re ready for a complete overhaul you’ll love how easy it is to manage your solar lighting system. For more info on the differences between traditional and solar energy lights, click here.

Save Money on Installation of your Street Lights

Solar power negates the necessity of another electrical source. This makes a solar LED lighting system one of the easiest structures to install. No trenches for power lines are required. This saves you money on labor costs and implementation is quick and easy, which saves you time and resources. The installation procedure for solar street light will reduce your costs and contribute to a viable financial investment that will bring you savings in the long term.



Managing street lights is a complicated task. You need maintenance and human resources to manage operating logistics. You never know when something can go wrong. This is why you’ll love the additional features of solar outdoor lighting systems. And yes, all these features can save you money.



Use Remote Management System for 24/7 Control and Monitoring

You’re used to sending out maintenance workers to look after your lights, right? Now change your thinking.

A remote management system enables you to control solar street light efficiency from wherever you’re stationed. You just need to be online from one of your devices – mobile phone, computer or tablet,  to:

  • • Manage schedules so your LED lights can turn off and on based on your preferences.
  • • Manage levels of illumination so you only provide LED light when it is necessary.
  • • View data on solar batteries to optimize their operations (voltage current) and determine when a light requires a additional power sources.
  • • Get real-time notifications when lights are faulty and solve maintenance problems remotely.  



Because this is done automatically you save tremendousamount of time and money. You don’t pay crew members’ labor costs for this service and the system allows you to use your LED lights optimally. Every time you limit energy waste you decrease costs by increasing your solar lighting system life span. For technical details on remote management of solar street lights, check out this article.

Dim Lights When Necessary – Benefit from Light on Demand Functions

Energy wastage is a primary reason businesses and governments don’t keep to their budgets. What’s the use of shining bright light when no one is around? That’s wasting energy.



This is no longer a problem with your smart solar street lighting. Smart technology enables solar LED lights to sense when illumination is needed. No, this is not a futuristic notion. Motion sensors and dimming functionalities make this possible today! Your smart solar street light system can dim the LED lights during late hours when no illumination is needed and then brighten them up to 100% when movement is detected.



Do you see how solar street light performance enables you to counter every lighting problem you experience? Read more on improving solar street light performance here.

Lower Your Maintenance Costs

Do you imagine your new equipment shattering in the first storm that comes along? There’s no need.

We already mentioned the durability of LED lights. But, solar LED lights and the systems they use add to their remarkable resiliency. Industry specific products are remodeled all the time. The market provides different types of lights for unique areas such as highways which present higher risks of damage. With quality infrastructure of smart solar street lights in place, your maintenance costs will be lower than you expect.



Solar LED light efficiency is boosted when linking everything to the cloud software – remote management system. Now your maintenance team doesn’t have to waste time or transport expenses to find the lights that need repairs. The smart lighting system detects every fault in real-time, so maintenance crew members know when and where to respond.

Once again you can save a lot of money on labor costs.

Prevent Crime through CCTV

Why do you have outdoor lights? No, it’s not only about creating comfortable environments for citizens or employees in business premises.

What about security? Is a lit area enough to keep your area safe? With outdoor solar LED lights and smart technology you can add CCTV to your lighting infrastructure. It’s well known that criminals are often deterred when they realize they’re being recorded. Now you can have footage of your entire premises without installing a secondary infrastructure.

Link these cameras to your solar street lights’ management system and no criminal will go undetected.

Yes, once again it requires additional expense. However, the money you save on lower insurance premiums and limiting robberies is worth it.





The smart technology that elevates solar street lights to higher productivity levels exists. Will you harness its power? It’s time to part with traditional lighting systems. In this modern age, businesses and governments can’t afford to fall behind. Only when you stay abreast of technological developments and energy management, you can increase security, save valuable funds and provide energy efficient environment for the public. If the solutions to many daily challenges are presented to us, why are we reluctant to grab them? I hope that this blog will inspire you to think about transforming your outdoor lights into something more…. For all the information you need to know about solar street lights, download our e-book below.