4 October 2017



The entire world is going smart! Smart watches, smart devices, smart TVs, smart cars and smart homes. Cities are now powered by smart solar street lighting, making the world a better place for everyone.

For solar companies looking to expand their business portfolio and customer base, smart solar street lighting  offers endless opportunities. Going forward, most cities across Europe are embracing the idea of becoming smart and using solar energy. There’s no better way to trigger that idea than to start with clean renewable energy power supply. This blog post will provide you with more details about smart solar street lights and why they are different from traditional street lighting and regular low cost solar street lights that have cheap components without smart technology.

Good to know facts about Smart Solar Street Lights


Smart solar street lights are absolutely ideal for campuses, hospitals, parks, squares, sidewalks, commercial and private compounds, avenues, roadways, parking lots, malls and airports. The market is expanding rapidly with the price of solar components going down while the demand for solar powered street lights going up. Check out this blog post for more information about possible applications of solar street lights.

Interestingly, the ROI of smart solar street lighting is around 5-7 years, making it a perfect fit for both public and private sector applications. If your solar company is not a distributor or partner of a smart solar street lighting manufacturer, you’re gradually excluding your business from the big picture because the future of solar is here already!

Your solar company shouldn’t be left behind while your competition is taking advantage of the huge opportunities that come along with smart solar street lights.



How can your solar company be a part of this profitable trend?

Lightinus, a leading manufacturer of smart solar street lighting has opened its doors to other solar companies and stakeholders in the solar industry. Solar companies can now work with Lightinus as distributors or partners providing clean renewable energy lighting across cities and municipalities.

Lightinus business model makes smart solar street lighting attractive and appealing to cities, public and private institutions, as well as B2B companies through:




Let your solar company be among the few making solar technology more accessible worldwide. By providing smart street lighting supported by state-of-the-art remote management system for easy monitoring services, weather predictability features to ensure energy savings, lower maintenance cost and recurring monthly revenue from management services, your company will significantly increase its profit share and marketability.

What makes Smart Solar Street Lights so special?

Traditional street lights require heavy installation when there is no grid network available at the location, which significantly increases the overall cost of the lighting system. On the other hand, smart solar street lights are designed for off-grid installation without the need for trenching and cabling as in the case of grid tied lighting. This eliminates the high installation cost, making Lightinus smart solar street light a perfect fit for several different locations.

On the average, traditional street lights burn up 1121 KWh per year which requires $700 to function optimally (including labor costs, replacements etc). Lightinus smart solar street light slashes electricity bills to zero giving users 100% return on investment (ROI).



Smart Solar street lights guarantee added ROI via proactive remote maintenance, dimming functionality, as well as motion sensors. Lightinus smart solar street light is designed to provide 365 days of autonomy through energy optimization and smart technology. Our dedicated team of experts will tailor a special program for your solar street light application, based on the number of factors specific to your location, to make them work throughout the entire year, regardless of weather conditions.

Remote Management System is a pure game changer

In an effort to significantly cut the maintenance cost of smart solar street lights, Lightinus uses Remote Management System (RMS). The RMS allows clients to manage all features of the lighting system and monitor the amount of money and energy saved each month.

The RMS software is designed to cut up to 80% of the amount users spend on maintenance. The software enhances maintenance by ensuring that 70% of the smart solar street lights issues are managed remotely.



The software ensures automatic lighting schedules as well as predictive weather analysis to maximize performance
The software also provides 24/7 automated monitoring using the smart solar street light system alerts and alarms
The software also maximizes battery use via monitoring to boost its life cycle and reducing maintenance costs by 40%



Lightinus reinforces the benefits of big data

Lightinus smart solar street lights systems are designed to support the several different facets of internet of things (IoT). The systems are designed with built-in sensors that allows facilities, cities and infrastructure operators to embed different sensors into the solar off-grid system, including sensors that are used for:

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Real-time energy demand response
  • Smart water metering
  • City-wide intelligent parking, and much more



This smart network powered by IoT and big data leads to enhanced public services, effective and efficient management of resources for cities and promotion of renewable energy values to the public.


Lightinus Provides Huge After-Sale Support

At Lightinus, we are confident about our products and we stand by them 100%. As such, we provide huge after-sale support to ensure that users get absolute value for their money through:

Easy accessibility via online and on-site support before, during and after each project
Availability of user-friendly manuals and web-based apps for confirmation of installation
Absolute maintenance support through Lightinus Remote Management System (RMS) service packages
Detailed training to teach product users how to use the Lightinus software
Lightinus guarantees 365 days of LED light by ensuring the dependability and value of off-grid system functioning



Three different smart models, same top-notch quality

Lightinus smart solar street lights are designed in three different models to give users the benefits of choosing the option that best suit their needs. Each of the models is best suited for certain locations to achieve their optimal lighting performance.

The Lightinus S

This smart solar street light is best suited for campuses, parks, squares, sidewalks, as well as commercial and private compounds. The Lightinus S is 4 meters tall and is absolutely environmentally friendly.

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Lightinus M

This smart solar street light is taller than the Lightinus S. The Lightinus M’s height is between 6 – 8 meters and its best suited for airports, avenues, malls, roadways and parking lots.

Custom Line

This Lightinus model is designed based on the user’s special specification requirements. The height of the Custom Line is determined by the buyer and it can be used in several different locations based on its application and light requirements.

Join the future of clean renewable green energy! Contact Lightinus to become a distributor or partner for Lightinus smart solar street lights across cities worldwide. For more questions on this topic visit this Q&A page.