EnGo Public Charging Station is Powered by Kinetic Tiles and Solar Panels in Missouri

16 September 2014
Lightinus CityHub Solar Charging Station

NYC-based tech startup Volta Group has just installed its first EnGo public charging station that powers mobile devices with a clean energy combo of kinetic tiles and solar panels. Students at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri can now recharge up to 14 portable devices (10 cables, two USB ports and two wireless charging pads) from the sun and their footsteps as electricity is generated every time someone walks across the kinetic energy tiles. The stations also include free Wi-Fi and an emergency intercom.

ENGO Charging Station from VOLTA GROUP on Vimeo.

“Energy efficiency is a key step to reducing negative impact on climate change. The EnGo Charging Station provides free recharging and also serves as an educational tool with the main goal to motivate people to become more aware how their actions affect the planet,” said Volta CEO Petar Mirovic. “We cannot hope to create a sustainable culture with any but sustainable-oriented people.”

The company also announced that the charging station will be used in the AT&T Fun Zone Tour. The portable version of the charging station can be used for sporting events, concerts, festivals, promotional and sales activities as it is easily folded up into a compact unit with wheels for transport.

Webster University paid around $20,000 for the station and sees it as an investment in a sustainable future. “Sustainability is one of Webster University’s core values and this recharging station is another investment in reducing our impact on the environment,” said Webster University President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble. “Webster University is innovating and leading the nation with the installation of the EnGo station, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability while also offering a convenience to our students, faculty, staff and visitors who rely on their cell phones and tablets to stay connected to each other.”


Source: inhabitat

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