With 520 W of power from our solar panels, our CityHub charging station is off-the-grid solution with no electricity costs for the city.


    Harvesting energy from footsteps creates additional power source for our CityHub station.


    Controlling/monitoring functions enable clients to remotely manage the unit by receiving real-time data and analytics that eliminate the need for physical maintenance checks.

  • LED

    Save on light performance with our latest most efficient LED technology to illuminate your advertising area with zero cost of electricity.

  • WI-FI

    Recognizing the need to stay online, we deliver Wi-Fi hotspot within 15 meters around the CityHub station.


    Smart device battery is a never ending problem. CityHub provides free power with 14 pre-installed cables and Wi-Fi charging.


    Four advertising panels will deliver faster return on investments coupled with no electricity costs for energy.

  • SOS

    Enabling a safer environment is our core objective. CityHub integrates SOS button that will help your citizens communicate with city services in emergency situations.

CityHubStatic Charging Station

CityHub is a multifunctional green energy station that provides economic, social and environmental benefits for future sustainable cities. Development of new infrastructure is a prerequisite for implementation of smart city initiatives. CityHub offers unique solutions to address the future.

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Renewable Energy as Marketing Tool

Traditional billboards are outdated and inefficient. Lack of battery and desire to always stay online will attract citizens to CityHub enabling interaction and proximity to promotional advertising space. CityHub offers illumination of advertising panels through utilization of renewable energy that offsets electricity bills and generates faster ROI. for our clients

Smart Cloud Platform

CityHub is a valuable public asset for collection of environmental data through smart sensors. The CityHub smart platform improves decision making processes and quality of life in cities. Our sensors measure a number of variables, including temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

Post Sale Support

Successful installation of each CityHub is our main priority. We are your partner before, during and after the sale by providing detailed installation user manual, maintenance support through our software, training for software usage and up to 5 years guarantees for all critical parts.

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Succes Stories

CityHub is perfect for installation at busy public areas, such as bus stations, parks, city malls, airports, universities and public squares. We have successfully deployed several stations in USA.