We specialize in developing smart solar street lights and solar charging stations by transforming their traditional characteristics into a multi-functional platform based on renewable energy and smart technology. We are committed to promoting environmentally-conscious business model, green energy values and integrated IoT data applications for a unique customer experience. Zero electricity cost, off-the-grid efficiency and performance reliability generated by the integration of solar and kinetic energy and intelligent technology define our LIGHTINUS smart solar street lights.


About Lightinus

Founded in Belgrade, Serbia, Lightinus leads the new wave of European clean tech companies that combine data technology and renewable energy to introduce smart solar street lights, solar bench and solar charging stations that will drive sustainable growth, reduce electricity costs and improve energy efficiency. Having successfully implemented renewable energy projects in Europe, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we are helping our clients to benefit from off-the-grid smart LED lighting with 365 days of autonomy. Our remote management system with weather predictability features enables proactive control, real-time monitoring and maintenance of each solar energy unit. Our goal is to achieve full scale energy optimization of off-the-grid system performance through detailed reporting and advice for each client, including provision of multiple applications for capturing and analyzing valuable data.



Our core mission is to deploy the LIGHTINUS network of products, applications and renewable energy solutions to create sustainable, green and interconnected urban infrastructures worldwide. We are changing the way people look at street lights, from an outdated, grid dependent model into a revolutionary intelligent source of clean energy that receives and transmits data through modern devices and online tools. Following our vision, we design scalable products that cut down electricity, installation and maintenance costs while providing reliable LED light performance and optimized energy utilization all year long, regardless of weather conditions.

We envision a world where society uses technology and clean energy to improve living conditions while preserving the planet. Everything we do is about green future and energy efficiency.



Lightinus is a reliable innovation partner offering a variety of products that incorporate the latest renewable energy solutions, LED light and data driven technology. We have established long-term strategic partnerships with solar panel manufacturers, kinetic energy developers, electronic component suppliers, luminaire manufacturers, hardware and software vendors for lighting management control, system integrators and metal producers. Our long term vision is to constantly innovate through R&D to improve LIGHTINUS features and add new technological concepts that would enhance further our product applications. We are open to facilitate additional cooperation with local and international companies from the industry which are interested in forming a mutually beneficial business relationship.