19 July 2017


There is no doubt that reduced carbon emissions and pollution are one of the greatest advantages of using solar energy. You don’t need to be a fervid ecologist to realize the intensity of the environmental issues that affect our climate today.  The energy crisis, fuel misuse, environmental pollution, climate change and global warming affect us all in one way or other. There is no chance of denying either their importance or our responsibility in causing and maintaining them furthermore.

Fortunately, the advantages are not only limited to environmental effects, although they are greatly applicable. There are several other advantages of solar energy applications, especially when it comes to smart solar street lighting.  These benefits refer to costs, installation, maintenance and energy independence. No matter if you are interested in this energy source because of profound environmental worry or you are simply more impressed with the idea of low cost renewable energy and money saving, investing in solar street lighting can be an incredibly smart idea.

This blog outlines 10 compelling reasons why you will benefit from smart solar street lighting (be sure to follow Lightinus on Facebook and Twitter for more info on this topic).

Components of Smart Solar Street Lighting – What’s in your System?

Solar street lights projects consist of autonomous installations, where solar energy is produced on the spot and stored in solar batteries. Solar LED street lights can generate their own power, i.e. are independent of any electric power supply system or power grid. A typical smart solar street lighting system comprises the following components:

  • Solar Panels
  • Light source: LED lamp
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery
  • Smart Solar Controller with inbuilt wireless communication
  • Remote Management Software for light control and monitoring in real-time
  • Motion Sensor
  • Pole: Composed of a galvanized steel frame with powder anti-corrosion coating
  • Accessories: All necessary cables, (cable joined) and screw bolts, packing and other


For more details on smart solar street light design and components, click here.

Watch this webinar to learn more how technology improves solar street light performance and gives you control:


Below you’ll find a comprehensive list containing the most relevant reasons why solar energy and smart lighting are financially beneficial, so you can have a clearer picture of what makes them an attractive alternate to fossils fuel energy applications.

Reason #1: Solar Energy is Green and Renewable

The world is moving towards green energy. We’re harnessing renewable energy power far from the city centers.

The sun will keep shining till the last and no matter how much energy we harness from it, its power won’t diminish. When we will not be able to count on fossils fuels for energy, the sun will still be a powerful source to provide energy for everyone.


Reason #2: High Return on Investment from Solar Energy

The total solar energy absorbed by Earth is about 3,850,000 extra joules (EJ) in one year, which is twice as much as all the non-renewable sources found and used by human beings including coal, oil, natural gas and uranium. Taking this idea into consideration, it’s undoubtedly a remarkable step towards utilizing solar powered smart street lights instead of highly inefficient traditional lighting. This technique uses energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption, electricity bills and hence improve solar energy generation for lighting available to all of us. If you would like to know why it is important to invest in solar energy and join the mainstream, check out this article: “INVESTING IN SOLAR ENERGY: JOIN THE MOVE TO MAINSTREAM”.



2. Improved Light Quality: Light Emitting Diode (LED) Instead of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lighting


Reason #3: Why the Cost of Smart Solar Street Lighting Makes Sense?

Traditional street lights have permanent light fixtures to an electric grid system, require trenching and necessary wiring during installation of the poles. The process is very costly and time consuming. Secondly, digging trenches makes the surroundings unappealing and after the installation is completed you have to pay endless monthly electricity bills. Other significant costs include on-site fittings, transformers, frequent repairs and maintenance due to inefficient performance of conventional (metal halide or high pressure sodium) street lights. To find out more on the difference between solar powered street lighting and traditional lighting, click here.



Reason #4: No Trenching, Line Voltage or Metering – Cheap Installation

Smart solar street lighting projects don’t require any additional labor costs for installation, such as trenching and mechanical work. Also, these projects don’t need any special metering and monitoring arrangements, decreasing the cost of valuable components! Moreover, no grid supply system is required, so the additional wiring and instrumentation cost can be saved. Smart solar street light projects require the simplest installation techniques and less manpower. No cranes, excavators and heavy-machinery is utilized. Again, generating lower expenses! Every solar unit is installed with very little labor efforts.

Reason #5: Not affected by Grid Power Disruptions

Every smart solar street light pole is a stand-alone unit which is self-contained with its own power source. In case of severe grid outages, there is no loss of investment or light disruptions for the client!

Reason #6: No repeated Maintenance (up to 80% Cost Reduction)

Most of the components of a smart solar street unit are maintenance free. Except for the solar batteries, they typically don’t require maintenance for long periods of time. For example, PV Solar panels are maintenance free for up to 20-25 years. With introduction of smart technology in the solar street light system, battery life can be prolonged significantly, up to 10 years. The controllers installed in smart solar street lights are adjustable to high/low voltage, preserving the battery and overall unit`s life for a prolonged period. Thus, additional battery expenses are saved! For more information on how remote management software can improve solar street light performance and reliability, click here.

Reason #7: No Cost of Concreting, Replacing Asphalt or Trenching

Tremendous amount of time and money is saved since replacing concrete or asphalt and digging trenches for foundations is not necessary. The majority of the civil works include the installation of the pole, which can be done easily by few technicians.

Reason #8: No Transformers or Meters Costs for Electric Service

There are significant savings in installing smart solar street lights since transformers and meters are not required for implementation of such projects. Another feasible solution is includes smart solar retrofit for your traditional lights.

Reason #9: 12/24 Volts Power Supply to ensure Safety

The fact that smart solar street lights operate mostly at 12/24 Volts power supply eliminates the risk of short-circuits and accidents, which may save valuable money to restore and reintegrate the lighting system.

Reason #10: Smart Technology ensures 365 days of LED performance

Solar street lights enhanced by intelligent technology are more than just lights, they provide a multi-functional platform that gives you the power of light in your hands. Smart hardware and software communication technology can improve solar street light functionalities, efficiency and ultimately their real-life applications. They’ve got motion sensors, dimming functionalities and use wireless networks to send valuable data back to the utility, company or infrastructure provider with information on their energy generation and light performance. This is made possible by using cloud-based software for remote management of each street light unit in real-time.



Smart solar street lights use renewable energy sources, installation is quicker, they costs less to repair and maintain and have a longer service life than traditional on-grid lights. In addition to sustainability and easy deployment, the financial benefits are huge. The investment in smart solar street lighting is truly worthwhile and will generate high returns in the future. For more info on smart solar street lighting, visit this Q&A page. Also, do not forget to give us your feedback on this blog in the comment section below.